Dennis Cauchon, editor

Dennis Cauchon, Editor

The Clemency Report is dedicated to making executive clemency function at the federal and 50 state level.

Published by former USA TODAY reporter Dennis Cauchon, The Clemency Report seeks to:

  • Identify and prioritize inmates deserving of clemency consideration.
  • Tell stories from families’ perspective.
  • Provide facts, news and analysis on justice issues.
  • Establish standards — such as at least one clemency per 1,000 inmates each year — to measure whether clemency is functioning as the nation’s founders intended.
  • Hold elected chief executives accountable for competently managing their clemency duties.

In short, The Clemency Report considers clemency a moral policy issue — the same as K-12 education, highways or environmental safeguards — not a legal issue. We may disagree about how wide a highway should be, but everyone knows some roads are needed. Doing nothing is not an option. 

That’s what we’re about.

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