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The talented Alice Marie Johnson

Alice is a talented writer and performer. She is currently writing a Christmas Play entitled, “It’s Time.”

Alice is already renowned for her annual Easter play and has scripted and staged her own original sequels to “Sister Act” and “Madea Comes to Carswell,” which she schedules on holidays such as Mother’s Day, Juneteenth and the Fourth of July. (Carswell is the location of one of the Bureau of Prison’s medical centers.)

kene holliday

Kene Holliday (right) with the Matlock cast

Kene Holliday who played Detective Tyler on the Matlock series is a big supporter of Alice’s clemency. He has offered to work with her on projects upon her release.

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Alice has served 18 years (by 2014) for “Attempted Possession” of Cocaine.  Ten co-defendants cut a deal to lessen their sentence by agreeing to testify against Alice, who never sold drugs. However, the testimony became exaggerated by co-conspirators hoping to curry favor and get the best deal possible.

Alice admits she was a “go between.” She passed messages by phone to those who were selling and readily takes responsibility for her role. She is remorseful and agrees she deserved some punishment, but rewarding the worst offenders and giving Alice life is not justice.

Alice refuses to play the victim card and, from the day she arrived in prison, enrolled in and completed a long list of programs, courses and rehabilitative classes. She mentors women in her unit.

Amy Povah

Alice Johnson   

Age: 59 

Children: 2 daughters and 2 sons, 2 grand-daughters and 2 grand-sons

Year Sentenced: 1996 

Sentence: LIFE 

Release Date: Death 

Priors: First Time Offender 

Prison Conduct:  Exemplary record and “role model inmate.” 

Rehabilitation: Just a few accomplishments include, ‘Ordained by Proxy at God’s Millennium Women’s Conference; Special Events Coordinator of the Year Award; Written and produced plays performed multiple times by inmates; hospice volunteer; currently working on a children’s book and Christmas Play.    

Clemency Petition: Filled out survey for Clemency Project 2014 and has been assigned an attorney, Marcia Shein, who is currently working on the petition. 

Prison: FCI Aliceville, Alabama

Her case has been featured in the Huffington Post, Al Jezeera America and numerous advocacy websites.

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