Dinh Jason PM

Dinh Jason, an American of Vietnamese descent, had been sentenced to die by lethal injection in Vietnam.

Dinh Jason, 42, a Vietnamese American, had his death sentenced cancelled in Vietnam because of questions about the amount of heroin he was carrying.

The People’s Supreme Court voided the sentence in early February. It was not clear if he could face the death penalty again when questions about the weight of the drug are resolved.

Dinh Jason, also know as Dinh Tien Hoang, was caught at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City with heroin hidden in his underwear.

He had lost $20,000 of borrowed money gambling in Las Vegas. The man who loaned him the money — known only as Michael — said Dihn could wipe out the debt and make an extra $10,000 if he carried three nylon packs of heroin between Vietnam and Australia.

The man who supplied Dihn the drugs was not found.

Vietnam executes many people for drugs, including possession of 100 grams or more of heroin. The Clemency Report could not find photos of these victims of prohibition and anti-drug hysteria. Thirty smugglers were sentenced to death in a group trial in January 2014 as an example of the drug murders in Vietnam.

Dinh’s American hometown could not be determined.  He was arrested in June 2013 and convicted in a one-day trial in April 2014.

According to a Vietnamese newspaper, U.S. authorities presented a statement saying Dihn had been injured in a fall and had limited mental capacity.

The Drug Enforcement Administration opened an office in Vietnam in 2000 and cooperates with Vietnam Ministry of Public Security.


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