Update: Sad news: This good man died of a heart attack in federal prison on Dec. 16, 2015. He was 41.  RIP: Roderick “Rudd” Walker.

Best friend Jeremy adds: “He was a jamband follower pretty much all his life, born in San Francisco to a hippie family. He is a father of 2 beautiful children (though there’s a lot of family stress understandably).”

Here’s a young Rudd with his Mom.

Here’s Rudd with his son.

Here’s Rudd (on the right) with legendary Grateful Dead album cover artist Stanley Mouse.

Here’s Rudd today.

Rudd is one of the one million prisoners in the United States who should be freed immediately.

Real people. Real families. Real harm.

Being a Deadhead, having counterculture beliefs and doing drugs is not a criminal offense, much less one deserving life without parole, not in a moral society.

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