…and a British grandma faces firing squad for cocaine in Bali.

A 34-year-old nurse from the Philippines was sentenced to life in jail for 0.53 grams of methamphetamine found in her underwear. This amount is worth $50 in the U.S., about $100 in Australia and $1,200 in Dubai. A fellow countryman who supposedly bight the meth was sentenced to life as well for 0.46 grams.

The United Arab Emirates ruler sometimes gives mass pardons, mostly to Muslims, at the end of the Ramadan religious holiday, which occurs again next summer. Westerners sometimes received pardons as well from drug sentences that shock the Western conscious. The fate of the two defendants from the Philippines is less clear.

The bigotry and brutality against drug offenders worldwide is a problem that gets far too little attention. Hundreds are executed every year for nonviolent drug offenses, often in coordination with the United Nations’ horrific June 26th celebration of support for the drug war.

Recently, in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, a 37-year-old Nigerian was sentenced to be hanged for marijuana. Singapore hung two men July 18th for heroin. In the first half of this year, Iran executed about 200 drug offenders, reports Iran Human Rights. In Bali, 57-year-old British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford (pictured above) faces death by firing squad in Bali for cocaine, the BBC reports.

Why is this not an important foreign policy issue?


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