Indonesia murders eight drug offenders

The Indonesian government shot to death eight people for drug offenses yesterday (April 28). Seven foreigners, one Indonesian were executed by firing squad. The families were hysterical when they heard the shots fired. The victims sang "Amazing Grace" as they shot to...

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Did Melissa deserve to die?

Indonesia executed six drug offenders on Jan. 18, 2015. They were good, interesting, peaceful people. Meet them in a short video. Eight more are scheduled to be murdered soon. Let's stop the slaughter.

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Indonesia accelerates program to murder drug offenders

Update: Indonesia temporarily delays killing Australians An Indonesian firing squad will execute Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran as early as today for involvement with heroin smuggling. The nation of 250 million people -- spread over 900 inhabited islands...

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Saudis behead 5 more drug offenders

Saudi Arabia continued a murderous year against drug offenders, beheading five more people earlier this month. The United States continued its policy of silence, failing to condemn the violation of international and moral law of its ally. The victims, their...

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