Josie Ledezma, all-around good person

Josie Ledezma, all-around good person

Josephine (Josie) was a teacher’s aide who married her high school sweetheart and had three children.

Josie’s three children, young when she went to prison, are all now grown with families of their own.

She has missed out on endless memories that can never be retrieved but yearns to reunite with her family and salvage the years she’s missing out on as a grandmother. 

Josie has a large support group of family members who ready to provide assistance to Josie in the event she is chosen as a worthy candidate for mercy of a sentence commutation.  Indeed, it will be a day of immense celebration for all of Josie’s family and friends when she returns home to a loving environment from which she has been so horribly missed.

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Josie never used drugs or had any desire to be involved in drugs, but, like many women, she was willing to do a favor for a family member.  Josephine’s brother was involved in drugs. He asked Josie to give an envelope of money to someone, which she agreed to do.

That person was involved in a drug deal with Josie’s brother who’d agreed to drive an RV from California to Washington DC. The person driving the RV was pulled over, arrested and agreed to “cooperate.” Josie became ensnared in the conspiracy statute and was held culpable for everything that numerous people were doing in a large network of cocaine distributors.

Because she went to trial, asserting her innocence, she received LIFE. Others, who testified against her and were FAR MORE CULPABLE,  are free!

Josie admits she knew her brother was involved with drugs but didn’t think she could become ensnared in his illicit activities by simply doing what seemed like a relatively minor act. She now realizes she never should have gotten involve in any way. But justice has not been served in her case.

Josephine Ledezma 

Age: 56 yrs old 

Children: 2 daughters and 1 son – 9 grandchildren, 5 girls and 4 boys.  

Race: Hispanic 

Charge: Conspiracy to Transport Cocaine and Aiding and Abetting 

Sentenced: 1992 

Sentence: LIFE 

Release Date: Death 


Prison Conduct: Never received a single incident report in 22 years. 

Rehabilitation: Josie has participated in almost every course offered by the BOP.  

Clemency Petition: 

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