Michigan prisoners most deserving clemency

1. Richard Wershe, Jr., 46, cocaine, state prison, life with possibility of parole, sentenced as juvenile.

Saulo Montalvo

Saulo Montalvo

2. Saul Montalvo, 35, was 16-year-old getaway car driverĀ in fatal convenience store robbery. State prison. Life without parole. Victim’s family, judge who sentenced him and others support clemency.

3. Dennis Forsberg, 60, medical marijuana, federal prison, release date: November 1, 2015

4. Ryan Basore, 37, medical marijuana, federal prison, release date: November 21, 2015


  1. FREE 172276 Marty Brian Miller he has been in since 1981 he was 19 and the judges nephew was the real killer

  2. Eugene Atkins that has been locked up in USP Hazelton deserves to be free, he was given life without parole for. It’s sad how injustice this system is, especially for a crime he didn’t commit


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