Richard Wershe Jr. Named Michigan’s No. 1 Inmate Deserving Clemency

richard wershe jr young

The Clemency Report named Richard Wershe Jr., a 44-year-old with a colorful past, as Michigan's inmate most deserving of clemency. He was arrested for cocaine at age 17, in May 1987, and has been serving his life for this single, non-violent offense ever since. 

Richard gained fame in the Detroit area as "White Boy Rick" when the DEA and other officers used him as an informant starting at age 14. He was busted for possession with intent to distribute eight kilograms of cocaine at age 17. He has been turned down for parole three times and will be eligible again in 2017. 

His case has been detailed in many news stories and further information can be found at the FreeWhiteBoyRickWershe Facebook page. A photo of Richard in prison can be seen next. 

3 months 8 days ago

Free white boy Rick? Hhhmmm what about all the minorities that are thrown in jail to rot while being in possession of a hell of a lot less drugs? Seems a little one sided to me.

jeff F.
5 months 9 days ago

What can law abiding michigan citizens do to get Mr. WERSHE RELEASED? We need to get serious and free Rick. At this point, he is receiving cruelty and unusual punishment. We need to stop it ASAP.

lanetta johnson
5 months 17 days ago

this is crazy..let him go home

7 months 22 days ago

This is all so crazy to think that people REALLY DO get sentences like Rick… but trust me they do! I live in Mohave County, Arizona and this county thrives on the revenue it produces from fines imposed and incarceration for petty crimes. I did 5 years in ADOC on two possession of meth cases (one was 43 milligrams & the other was almost 3 grams)while others got less time for robbery and rape…. what is up with that? The legal system DOES NOT work for anyone except those that are in with the “click” ! LET THIS MAN OUT !! Let’s not forget the fact that the “men in blue” shaped and molded this “boy” into the man they want you to believe he still is. If it wasn’t for the greedy bastards that couldn’t do their own police work and used him as a young boy he might have turned out a lot different then people think… NOW give that some thought and let the man go!

8 months 6 days ago

Release him now


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