Crack. Black. Life in prison. The story is all too common in this country. Robert Shipp of Chicago has spent two decades in federal prison for selling crack at age 20. His sister, Veda, has started a petition on to ask President Obama to shorten Robert’s life without parole sentence. Robert is now 41.

A former neighbor wrote an insightful comment on the petition page. Willie Jones talks about Robert Shipp as a person growing up in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, reminding that Robert is a human being, not a legal case.

“I lived in the same neighborhood as Robert, I personally knew Robert. I remember when his brother was murdered on the corner

from my house. Robert was a total different person before and after that incident. I believe that everyone deserves a chance at life. I agree that there are consequences for all actions, but to spend the rest of your life in prison for a non-violent crime while murderers and rapists are being sentenced to 10-15 yrs is just not godly right. My prayers continue to go out to the Shipp family. I too had a bad life growing up in (Chicago ‘s Englewood area). But by the grace of god, I’ve changed and in my adult life has become a productive member of society. I believe that with a chance…. Robert too can be a asset to the community. I pray that god soften the hearts of all in power to set this soul free.”

Sign this petition in support of Robert.

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